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Published: 21st February 2012
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You can have a home-based business that it is a joy to work when you do teddy bear sewing. Teddy bears are liked by almost everyone. In fact,as far back as 2006 the sales of stuffed animals had already reached$1.3 billion in 2006. You may not have aspirations of building a large corporation selling manufactured teddy bears, but you can easily build a part-time business with teddy bear sewing and selling them at local flea markets and craft shows.

But before we start, here's a list of some great websites where you can get free teddy bear sewing patterns.
  • - Howjoyful Teddy Bear - A tutorial and pattern to make an adorable Teddy Bear

  • - Goldie A 13 1/2" Teddy Bear - A Teddy Bear sewing pattern for a cuddly, huggable teddy made from mohair

  • - How to Make a Panda Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern - A pattern for a panda-ish Teddy Bear

What You Need to Get Started

To start with, it helps if you have sewing skills and love to sew. You need this love to help you sit and sew for hours each day. In fact, intermediate skills are needed it you want to them to be good enough to sell.

Basic Supplies To Begin:

A heavy-duty sewing machine that won't bog down sewing fur and heavy materials
Various sizes of sharp scissors
Various thread colors to match fabrics
Several patterns of bears
Parts to make movable arms and legs

Marketing plan

To let others know about your bear sewing business you will need a business plan. You may want to use business cards and brochures to sell your teddy bears to customers one-on-one. Some crafters throw home parties to introduce their crafts to potential customers who have been invited to the homes of friends and families.

Others sell their bears at craft shows and flea markets. Because teddy bears are easy to ship you can also think about importing them over seas, because many sell them on eBay or other auction sites and on their own websites.

Using your teddy bears as fund raisers is a great way to get your product know as well. You can use these two methods to make people see you and your teddy bear business.

Look for some craft business forums online and use them to further you customer base, plus get some good advice from others. Participating in forums where you can leave a link to your business is a great way to socialize and gain new customers.

The idea of a home-based craft business has been presented in this article. People that started small like you are now making millions of dollars each year. You have been informed of the basic supplies needed to get your craft business off the ground and several ideas for marketing your business. Please search the Internet to find even more information on how to start your craft business at home on a shoestring.

Teddy Bear Sewing Companies that Grew into Big Corporations

There are two different companies in the US that started out with just one person sewing teddy bears, that is now a large corporation. Barbara Isenberg started by making a teddy bear for her little boy because she could not find just what she wanted in the store. That large company is known today as the North American Bear Company.

John Sortino was frustrated by all the foreign-made teddy bears his little son owned and set out to bring the teddy bear back to its origins. John and his wife started what turned out to be the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, Which is the largest manufacturer of teddy bears in the country. You can start a profitable teddy bear sewing business on a smaller scale to make the money you need for extras or to help support the family.

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