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Published: 15th February 2012
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Children and adults love to make teddy bears and you can find an abundance of them online. Surfers entered the search for free teddy bear patterns 6,600 times in Google last month, so there is a healthy market for those who wish to make their own teddy bears. Patterns for bears come in many ways to put together, so don't worry if you can't sew.

We have listed some websites for you to get an idea of what patterns and styles many crafters are using.

Crochet Teddy Bear

Crochet lovers we have found a free teddy bear pattern you will love. Crochet is an old needle craft that has enjoyed a resurgence of interest in the past few years. This free teddy bear pattern is simple enough for new crafters, but still interesting for the more experienced person. The pattern is simple but leaves room for advanced crocheting for someone who is not a novice. This free teddy bear pattern includes a list of materials and tools needed to complete this fun bear. You must work the snout into the pattern because the mouth is crocheted separately and sewn on latter, as well as the eyes that are made from felt. Do not let small children play with this bear because of the separately sewn parts that could come off.

Mr Bean Style Teddy Bear

In England and Australia there is a TV program with Mr. Bean, a teddy bear character that is very popular. If you love a tightly-knitted circular pattern, you will love this Mr. Bean Bear. With pale tan hands and a dark brown body, the knitted Mr. Bean is very playful looking. The nose and mouth are embroidered in black thread while his eyes are two large blue buttons that are sewn on in an “X" pattern. Mr. bean is acceptable for small children if you substitute the button eyes with felt, sewn in an X.

Candy Corn Bear by Lauralynn

The Candy Corn Bear can be found at teddies by Lauralynn. Lauralynn has thought of everything when putting the pattern together for Candy Cane Bear, making it easy to construct. On this site you will find the materials you need, the directions, and your supply list. Teddies by Lauralynn even offers a Teddy Bear Bookstore, where you can fine books with instructions of how to create other teddy bears. When making your fall gift baskets, be sure and include Candy Corn Bear. Candy Corn Bear is not for small children.

Sebastian by Lauralynn

Another free teddy bear pattern by Lauralynn is Sebastian, a 9-inch tan bear also sewn by hand or machine with mohair/fur fabric. This bear is a wonderful beginner's pattern and makes a very nice gift. Please don't allow very small children to play with this bear, it's not recommended.

There are hundreds of other free teddy bear patterns on the Internet that are sewn, knitted and crocheted. A search placed in Google for “free teddy bear patterns" will yield all the patterns you could ever want to enjoy making.

I really hope you found what you were looking for in my post about free teddy bear patterns. To discover heaps more about free teddy bear patterns and everything else related to Teddy Bears, be sure to drop by Teddy Bears Paradise at www.iloveyouletsmeet.com .

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